Gekko Group x Travelcoup

18 Jul Gekko Group and Travelcoup announce strategic partnership: Building a joint lifestyle and travel community

Frankfurt/Sarnen, July 18th, 2023. Gekko Group, one of Germany’s most innovative hotel and hospitality brands, and Travelcoup, Europe’s first provider of scheduled flights in the semi-private jet concept, are now working together strategically. The new partnership was announced today by Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen, owners and founders of Gekko Group, and Niclas Seitz, CEO and founder of Travelcoup. The aim is to build a strong lifestyle and travel community through joint marketing activities, exclusive events and mutual customer benefits.

The Gekko Group is known for its innovative projects and has established itself as a leading brand in the hotel and gastronomy industry in Germany. Through the cooperation with Travelcoup, the Gekko Group aims to transfer its unique atmosphere and community spirit, which is lived in its hotels and restaurants, to semi-private air travel.

Travelcoup’s VIP scheduled flights offer the advantages and amenities of a private jet flight at a business class price. The new Travelcoup flight plan will start in July 2023 with five weekly connections from Munich and Zurich to Mallorca and Ibiza. The flights will be operated through Travelcoup’s own Embraer ERJ 145 jets, which have a unique semi-private configuration with only 22 seats. Additional destinations in the Mediterranean as well as further departure airports in Germany and Switzerland are planned. By the end of 2024, the Travelcoup fleet is expected to grow to five owned jets in the same configuration.

Niclas Seitz, CEO of Travelcoup, emphasised the importance of the partnership: “We are very pleased about the cooperation. With their extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality industry, Micky and Alex have identified a gap in the market for a unique travel experience where the journey to the destination is already an experience. Travelcoup’s vision is to provide travellers with an unforgettable VIP experience that is also affordable. With our own jets and our focus on excellent service and quality, we are creating a whole new class of travel and an exceptional community experience.”

Micky Rosen is enthusiastic about the partnership: “After 25 years of experience in the hotel and catering industry, it was the logical consequence for us to take it to the air. In Niclas Seitz and Travelcoup, we have found the ideal partner to take this step. We want to leverage the community from across our Gekko Group hotel and hospitality portfolio and make travel an exciting and social experience where travellers can network and connect while en route to their destination.”

Alex Urseanu, owner of Gekko Group, said, “I am delighted that we and Niclas Seitz have found each other. In our hotels, like-minded people meet; special encounters and friendships for life are found. We would now like to bring this special spirit and community idea to the skies, so to speak. The experience should already begin when you start your journey.

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No Rooms

25 Apr Daniel Steindorf joins the group and helms the new lifestyle and retail brand No Rooms.

Frankfurt am Main, 20th April 2023. Gekko Group announces Daniel Steindorf as managing director of their new lifestyle and retail brand No Rooms. Steindorf, former senior buyer at solebox & MBCY and founder of Uebervart, moves from the curated retail business to the group. Gekko Group thus gains an experienced professional and pioneer from the streetwear & lifestyle fashion industry and launches a new state of the art retail concept. The launch of the online store is scheduled for late summer 2023. Own brands, lifestyle / fashion brands and collaborations will be part of this new concept. “We are excited to offer our large community a new and innovative platform for high-end lifestyle products” explains Alex Urseanu.

An exciting synergy based on a long-standing friendship was the next logical step. “Our friendship has existed for twenty years. Together we have each been able to expand and merge our expertise, strengths and also our communities. We have been mutual supporters since the early beginnings, which is something quite extraordinary and I am very much looking forward to this new chapter and to our new exciting project” says Daniel Steindorf.

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Trinitii Frankfurt

25 Apr TRINITII, our new family member

Frankfurt am Main, 2nd March 2023. The young and dynamic company TRINITII is now part of the Gekko Group. The new family addition is a colorful and trendy continuation of the essential Gekko Group philosophy: celebrating a lightness of being and the finer things in life within a like-minded community. In recent years, TRINITII has been able to establish itself as a trendsetter in the Frankfurt scene with its modern and young gastronomy concepts TRINITII West and TRINITII Mosel. With their projects, the siblings Nicky and Jesse Trost reinterpret a feel-good concept and bring together a dynamic community. With the addition of TRINITII to the Gekko Group, the portfolio continues to grow dynamically. New exciting projects are in the planning stage. “We are very honored to be part of the Gekko Group Family and we see Micky and Alex as great role models. There are indeed many parallels in our history. In the beginning, we were also called crazy when we opened our first outlet in Moselstraße in the Bahnhofsviertel. But we were just as undeterred as Micky and Alex were back then,” says Nicky Trost of TRINITII.

Both companies complement each other perfectly. Gekko Group has the decades of experience in Frankfurt’s gastro & hospitality scene and TRINITII brings an authentic and refreshing new take on passionate celebration of life without compromise. “In TRINITII we recognized ourselves. Nicky and Jesse’s heart projects are a great match and fit. We follow our heart with this one too,” said Gekko Group owners Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu. “It’s delightful to see how our portfolio has become a lot more colorful. A very nice match that just exudes really good humor. Welcome to the Family! Lechaim

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Jimmy's Bar Frankfurt

25 Apr A new season for Jimmy’s Bar

Frankfurt am Main, 13th December 2022. Gekko Group will reopen Jimmy’s Bar as the new operator. Today, marks the beginning of a new season for the renowned bar, which is a historic and traditional asset of the city of Frankfurt. The well-known, exclusive and dignified flair of Jimmy's Bar will be brought back to life in good tradition.

At the end of 2020 the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof closed as an effect of the pandemic and with it the Jimmy’s Bar as well. On December 3rd 2022 the legendary hotel was sold by the Hessian House Foundation to Peakside Capital. The real estate investment manager plans a reopening after renovation as a 5-star hotel under a new operator. Jimmy’s Bar is also part of the repositioning. Until that happens, Jimmy’s Bar will be temporarily operated by the Gekko Group. The bar has a significant cult status. Helmut Schmidt, Udo Lindenberg, the Rolling Stones and ACDC have all made appearances there over the past 60 years. Gekko Group is pleased to start a new season with this legend of Frankfurt’s nightlife. Jimmy’s Bar is located in the former Grandhotel Hessischer Hof, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40 in Frankfurt and will prospectively open Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 6:00pm to 02:00am.

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Gekko Group Micky Rosen und Alex Urseanu

05 Oct We are ready to level up – An outlook on new projects and properties

Frankfurt am Main, 20th September 2022. In the course of the Expo Real in Munich in a few weeks’ time the topic of development will once again be in the spotlight. The entrepreneurial duo and their Gekko Group continue to look forward and are focused on new opportunities in business development. The search for suitable properties to buy or lease has already begun.

The portfolio, currently consisting of various hotel brands, boarding house concepts and five restaurants (e.g. Roomers, moriki, Gekko House, Chicago Williams, etc.) in four cities, is expected to continue to grow. In doing so, the experienced focus falls on old and new target groups and markets that go beyond the hotel’s own national borders and also include luxury destinations.

The next milestone, just in time for the group’s 20th anniversary, will be the opening of the second Roomers in Frankfurt. The Roomers ParkView will set new standards in all areas of the hotel, and will for example feature the bar on the 17th floor and the spa on the 18th floor. The ParkView will be another design highlight by the renowned architect and good friend Piero Lissoni.

“We are always ready for new projects. But we don’t want to expand by hook or by crook, the property has to fit the concept.” The entrepreneurial duo Rosen and Urseanu are open and excited about new real estate offers. The next chapters can begin.


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Micky Rosen und Alex Urseanu im Roomers Frankfurt

22 Mar One Love

The Gekko Group exists since 2003. We grew during this time; not only regarding business, but above all a personal and interpersonal growth.

It has always been clear to us that Gekko has a very special vibe and cohesion, but we have to say that we have been incredibly overwhelmed by the past few days. Since the beginning of the week, we have had to tell our more than 1,000 employees that – despite their unreserved commitment, an indescribable passion and love – they have to go into short-time work. In some cases we even had to terminate the contracts.

There were many tears – as for all of us it is a farewell for a temporarily period.

“Friends are the family you choose.”

We have become a real family. And yet we are all in the same boat and no one doubts that we will come out of this special time even stronger. Therefore we would like to thank our Gekko Family from the bottom of our hearts.

And we would also like to thank our loyal guests and long-term partners. We are very touched by how much help we have been offered and every word has once again motivated us to look positively into the future.

Vodka and a smile may not be the solution, but never hurt.
Lechaim means “to life”. And that’s always the point.

See you soon and stronger than before,

Alex and Micky

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Gekko House Frankfurt

04 Feb Life is crazy – the Gekko House in Frankfurt has opened

Frankfurt am Main, 4th February 2020. In January 2020, the first hotel of the new brand Gekko House was opened in Frankfurt. The hotel with 128 rooms and suites is centrally located between the trade fair and the main train station. The urban design radiates cosmopolitan vibes and attracts both business travelers and artists who like to follow the claim “Life is crazy”.

The house is reminiscent of a time when the lightness of life was fully enjoyed, unconventional, courageous and laughing. And this is how Gekko House is: a place where you can enjoy a carefree time, regardless of whether you are an international guest or a local in Frankfurt.

As soon as you enter the house, you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle – the Chicago Williams BBQ fills almost the entire ground floor with dining space. The concept of the Berlin partner Nawid Samawat is “serious grilling” and “maximum meat performance”. The Chicago Williams was designed as individually as Gekko House, with stickers, graffiti and a game table.

The design of the hotel was taken over by the Frankfurt design studio Morgen Interiors, a mixture of rough elements such as concrete walls and warm elements as well as light sources. As a special feature, there is the Späti opposite the reception: two kiosk machines filled with snacks, drinks and unusual gimmicks, many in collaboration with local stores.

Gekko House is part of the Tribute Portfolio by Marriott.






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Chicago Williams Frankfurt

04 Feb Maximum meat performance at Chicago Williams BBQ

Frankfurt am Main, 4. Februar 2020. With the opening of Gekko House, Frankfurt has been enriched by an extraordinary gastronomy: Chicago Williams has moved to the ground floor of the hotel and has been a new spot for everyone who wants to come for a casual drink and juicy delicacies.

Typical dishes such as ribs, pulled pork sandwich, Mac & Cheese and a crumble at the end are on the menu, which makes the hearts of BBQ fans beat faster. The crafted beer is served in the bottle, drinks in the stone mug. Who wants to have even more fun, takes a seat at the game table and risk a game “Ludo” with his counterpart. Or more, the tables at Chicago Williams are shared in family style. The centerpiece is the bright red smoker, which can be admired in the open kitchen.

The partner of Chicago Williams is Nawid Samawat, friend of the Gekko Group. In 2012 he opened the first Chicago Williams in Berlin and has been dedicated to “serious grilling” ever since.



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Gekko Group Burbank The Duc Ngo

10 Jan Open now: Burbank – the new restaurant at Roomers in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, 10th January 2020. With the new restaurant, Roomers in Frankfurt is becoming another hot spot of friend and partner The Duc Ngo. Burbank is a city on the west coast of the USA and that is what the culinary concept is all about – pan-Asian cuisine meets California.

Immediately after the turn of the year, the restaurant was renovated and adapted to the new kitchen style of Burbank: desert orange, dove blue and green granite reflect the landscape of the US state, light wooden tables the lightness of the Asian cuisine. The open seafood and salad bar is also a new element.

“I’m a big fan of the multicultural food culture in the USA. It is simply spectacular how you can bring American and Asian cuisine together to create real taste explosions”

The typical fusion cuisine of The Duc Ngo is full of flavors and colors, the dishes are all inspired by what the Berliner takes with him on his travels. With Burbank he creates again a new constellation.



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Gekko Group Journal roomers paper

15 Dec Out now: roomers paper #1

Frankfurt am Main, 15th December 2019. In the beginning it was just a thought, then a real idea. And this quickly became an intensive project, on which many minds worked with the utmost dedication: in keeping with the 10th anniversary of the brand, the first roomers paper will be available for reading and take-out at all Gekko locations in December 2019. Layout and editing were taken over by Gekko Management in collaboration with external editors.


On 46 pages, background stories and outlooks are told and partners are introduced. To get started, the founders Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu reveal in a big interview what moved them when they opened the first Roomers in Frankfurt in 2009. In another article, the Milan-based architect and designer Piero Lissoni explains his visions for Roomers ParkView, which is expected to open at Grüneburgpark in Frankfurt at the end of 2021. And of course, there are also friends in the magazine who know how to impress with their words. For example, the Frankfurt legend Ardi Goldmann.



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Roomers Baden-Baden BAMBI 2019

05 Nov Roomers Baden-Baden is the official hotel partner of the BAMBI Awards 2019

Baden-Baden, 5th November 2019. The most important German media award BAMBI takes place in Baden-Baden and we are proud to announce, that Roomers Baden-Baden is “Official TRIBUTE TO BAMBI-Hotel 2019” as well as “Official BAMBI-Hotel 2019”.

The award kicks off with the charity event in favor of the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI foundation. Out of the idea to use the media attention of the media award BAMBI and to help needy children, the idea for TRIBUTE TO BAMBI was born in 2001. The eponymous charity event will take place this year on the eve of the BAMBI ceremony on 20th of November 2019 at the Kurhaus and Casino in Baden-Baden.

Hollywood calling: Since 1948, the BAMBI ceremony takes place annually and attracts international audience for a long time. The award is presented in a variety of categories, but all winners have in common that they realize their creativity medial – whether in film, sports or digital. The BAMBI award will be celebrated on Thursday, 21st of November 2019 in the opposite Festspielhaus.

We are looking forward to two exciting days and are more than happy to be the official hotel partner with Roomers in Baden-Baden.





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Gekkogroup Porsche Mobility Partner

01 Oct Porsche X Roomers

Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, Munich, 1st October 2019. We are very happy about our latest cooperation: since October 2019, we are the new mobility partner of Porsche Deutschland GmbH with all Roomers properties. The Panamera and Cayenne Coupé models will be available at Roomers in Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Munich. And with these we now offer a VIP shuttle service that our guests can look forward to. In addition, guests can book thrilling drive outs or test drives in cooperation with the Porsche Centers on site. By the way: with the new cooperation, Porsche drivers enjoy attractive booking conditions and can use the electric fuel dispensers during their stay at every Roomers.

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Gekko Group X lululemon

19 Aug Gekko X lululemon

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, 19th August 2019. Good Moodras everywhere: Yoga is much more than a pure movement to mobilize the body. Yoga means to grow beyond yourself and to learn how to develop balance and peace – whenever you have time and desire for the relaxing asanas.

We are very happy about the cooperation with the Pioneer Brand lululemon to offer own yoga mats in all Roomers houses as well as the Provocateur from now on. The cult brand as the “realm of the moodras” has been working for over 20 years on the perfect sportswear and the best mats and has created a large international fanbase of yogis. At lululemon, social and ecological sustainability play an important role in development and production:

” Across all areas of our business, we’re working to elevate the world by making our vision a reality. We focus on responsible supply chain and our company’s environmental footprint.”

The Gekko Special Edition by lululemon is a Reversible Big Mat made of natural rubber. The mat is included in all suites and is also available in every gym and can as well be borrowed free of charge from our host teams.


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Gekko X Lola James Harper

17 May Gekko X Lola James Harper

Frankfurt am Main, Badem-Baden, Munich, 17th May 2019. „Keep room for love“ – with this shoutout, Rami Mekdachi, founder of the brand Lola James Harper, expresses his interpretation of the Roomers brand. About himself and his work Rami states:

“Lola James Harper is a unique lifestyle brand and concept that translates the most cherished moments, places and friendships into pictures, fragrance, design, music and film. It’s a way of life, capturing and sharing life’s greatest memories from around the world, inspiring togetherness, slow life, playfulness, and trust in the present.”

His creation of the Roomers scented candle combines mellow nuances of Opoponax, the resin of the sweet myrrh tree, as well as vanilla and amber. Warmth, coziness and comfort are the points of all Roomer houses that Rami associates with these essences in the scented candle. The # 22 not only represents the collaboration of cooperation, but rather the being together, the experience of creating something creative together. At this level, the candle was developed as an amenity that could not better represent Roomers.


About the cooperation, the founders of both brands say:

“It was a sunny September morning in Paris.  We met in our Lola James Harper living room + art gallery at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.   It was the first time we had to share and we began to talk about how we created our worlds with our friends.  An appointment that should have been one hour lasted much longer and we started to dream up ideas at our friends Da Rosa’s terrase in Saint Germain.  What touches me when Micky talks about his hotels is his love for gathering people in a place that is well designed and for people who enjoy being in a cozy and energetic place. Because he is versatile he creates different homes and places for different people.  I didn’t have the chance to meet his lifetime friend Alex but he spoke of him so warmly that I could believe what a great guy he is. “ 

– Rami Mekdachi, Founder Lola James Harper

‘’We are happy that we found the right partner in Rami for our collaborative scent since it’s very important for us to create emotions and a full brand experience for our guests. A fragrance which perfectly describes our personality and values.  Inspired by our ambiance and design at Roomers, Rami has created his interpretation of it and been spot on – we were impressed by his working process on the scent.  Lola James Harper shares the same spirit and mind that we live by – a love for life and the passion to share it’’

– Micky Rosen & Alex Urseanu, Founder Gekko Group



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Roomers Baden-Baden Banksy

16 Jan Banksy in Baden-Baden

Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, 16th January 2019. After having repeatedly been the location of renowned exhibitions in the past, Baden-Baden is once again proving itself to be a location for international art. The Museum Frieder Burda presents the world’s most prominent work of 2018 between the 5th of February and the 3rd of March 2019 “Love is in the Bin” by street art artist Banksy.

In autumn 2018, the framed picture “Girl with Balloon” of the British artist from 2006 was auctioned at Sotheby’s London for 1.2 million euros. After the contract was signed, an automatism in the framed work started, shredding the picture halfway and putting the auction on the international stage. Although the motive of this action of Banksy is not completely cleared up, the interest increased. We are very pleased that this absolute rarity is now being shown to the public in Baden-Baden for the first time. Embedded in a comprehensive symposium, the Museum Frieder Burda plans to bring the exhibition into an overall context with the artist.

For those who do not come from Baden-Baden, the Roomers offers the special package “Shred Love”.




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Roomers X Alpha Industries

14 Nov Alpha Industries X Roomers

Frankfurt am Main, 14. November 2018. An individually designed edition of the Harley-Davidson XG750A Street Rod is the new milestone of Micky Rosen, Alex Urseanu and the owners of Alpha Industries Europe Rainer Knapp and Norbert Schneider. Only 20 of the bikes are produced – the edition is as limited as a few before. The cooperation is another highlight for the four entrepreneurs, who are driven by the same spirit: the lightness of being, the constant pursuit of the extraordinary, and in doing so, overcoming new boundaries. Fittingly, the four won artist and model Toni Mahfud over, who will present the jewel to the outside. Among others, Toni already modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Moncler, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and G-Star. He embodies the same spirit that unites Alpha Industries and Roomers, making him the perfect “Friend of the Brand” for the limited edition Harley-Davidson. He was photographed by the well-known, internationally working fashion and beauty photographer Lina Tesch.

In addition to the bike, there is a limited edition of 20 “Injector Roomers” leather biker jackets, which are only available in conjunction with the purchase of the Street Rod. Roomers x Alpha Industries patches on the arms and chest, a gray lining, the well-known “Remove Before Flight Tags” for Alpha Industries from both brands and a numbering including the logos on the wind flap determine the design of the jacket. In addition, a small edition of matching hoodies and T-shirts are produced, which are free to purchase.




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08 Oct Gekko Group X Aqua Monaco

Frankfurt am Main, 8th October 2018. A meeting of true connoisseurs and style poets.  We both share the same passion for the culinary art and philosophy, for perfect drinks in special places and for living in the moment. The result is an exceptional tonic water – Gekko Monaco – created together with the bar managers of Gekko Group.

All ingredients are 100 % natural, vegan and certified organic. The only exception is the cinchona bark that is typical for tonic water and which is gathered wild from Bolivian forests. Innovative recipes are the specialty of both enterprises. No surprise then that after lengthy testing, ingredients such as turmeric, mint, orange and pepper have emerged as features that make Gekko Monaco tonic water something special.  No place here for artificial aromas and preservatives. Aqua Monaco describes the tonic water “super balanced” and “smooth oriental”.

And there’s another untypically tonic water feature: Gekko Monaco can be used as a stand-alone product, it can be enjoyed without gin or any other spirit. Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen are already looking ahead: the drink is the first step we‘ve taken and even now we can feel the energy that will lead to a lot more ideas becoming reality. It’s a really big deal”.


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Provocateur Bar Team

07 Oct Double Awards for Provocateur Bar

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, 7th October 2018. At the Mixology Bar Awards gala ceremony held in Berlin on Sunday 7th of October the coveted black glass trophies were awarded in 16 categories. The Provocateur scored a double hit as Hotel Bar of the Year and Bar Team of the Year awarded to its team. This puts the Provocateur Bar up with the best from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our entire team is incredibly proud!

The Provocateur Bar follows the concept of the award-winning Roomers Bar in Frankfurt. It’s the hotel’s heart and soul and symbolises a unique bar culture. The burlesque atmosphere of the interior is reflected in the bar menu, which was also shortlisted. The 12 signature cocktails were created by bar manager Tarek Nix and his team and take their inspiration from celebrities from the 1920’s and from the history of the hotel. An individually matched food pairing gives drink a finishing touch.


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Roomers ParkView Frankfurt Coming Soon


Frankfurt am Main, 14. August 2018. With the first Roomers in Frankfurt, we made a lasting impact on Germany’s hotel industry. Now we look forward to a second Roomers hotel in our hometown, the Roomers ParkView! With 136 rooms and suites, it is expected to open in Frankfurt’s Westend at the end of 2023, overlooking the Grüneburgpark and Frankfurt’s skyline. The hotel will focus on suites and a special food & beverage concept will, as usual, be the focus of Roomers ParkView. The 19th-floor bar will overlook the skyline, and the 18th floor will be home to an exclusive Roomers Spa. As in Roomers in Baden-Baden, we were able to win the Milanese star designer and our longtime friend Piero Lissoni for the interior design.

The total project comprises two buildings, the hotel tower will comprise 19 floors and another tower 26 floors. This is where high-class apartments are built, which also can take advantage of Roomer’s service. Project developer and landlord is a joint venture of RFR Group and Hines. With Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs, Alex and Micky are already working together successfully in the first Roomers. The project developers and we were accompanied in the negotiations by the law firms HauckSchuchardt and Hogan Lovells.

Picture / © HaP Frankfurt GmbH & CO. KG und RFR
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27 Jul Comfort Zone

Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, Munich, 27th July 2018.. At Roomers Spa in Baden-Baden as well as in Roomers Spa in Munich we’re proud to be partners of Comfort Zone. Here you can find a line of the most modern skin care products, which all are produced sustainably in Italy. The development of this professional skincare focuses on research, but also on quality. All of its ingredients are of natural source and are combined with high-tech molecules in such a way that every use is not only effective, but also extremely pleasant. That’s why Comfort Zone products are very popular in the spa area and had even won an award.


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26 Jul UND GRETEL and the Black Forest

Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, 26th July 2018. Two experts. One Guideline. UND GRETEL.

We’re so proud to present our new beauty partner at Roomers Spa in Baden-Baden! Make-up, free of synthetics with natural ingredients at the highest level of perfection in application, effectiveness, and durability: This is the spirit Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann followed when they founded their Berlin label for professional and long-lasting organic cosmetics. On the high-quality and elegantly designed items of UND GRETEL, their focus on sustainability and natural ingredients is displayed and not their outdated image of compromise. The founders, who deliberately limit their product ranges, describe them as the “little black one” in the wardrobe: essential. After all, that’s what matters with the right product.


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25 Jul Dr. Barbara Sturm

Frankfurt am Main, Baden -Baden, 25th July 2018. We are so so happy to announce our new Spa partner in Roomers Baden-Baden: Dr. Barbara Sturm.The Düsseldorf native, Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of the most successful derma care physicians worldwide. Her success comes from her treatment methods and the own-body remedies. Her expertise in numerous aesthetic but non-operative treatments, has led her to become the leading expert and to create a skin care line called The Molecular Cosmetics. The extract from the purslane plant is unique in the cosmetic field: The enzyme telomerase, known as the fountain-of-youth enzyme, is activated in the cells by the plant substance and thus contributes to the fact that key cells increase their viability. This, combined with other highly innovative natural and research ingredients, make Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skin care products internationally unique.


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27 May Roomers Spa

Frankfurt am Main, Munich, 27th May 2018. Roomers in Munich is enriched by one more attraction: The Roomers Spa is opened with more than 600 sqm, a large Jacuzzi with cinema screen, intimate seating niches, sauna, hammam, a bar and five treatment rooms. Another highlight on offer: Hydrafacial treatments.


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30 Jan Hoteliers of the Year 2018

Frankfurt am Main, 30th January 2018. We did it – Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen are Hoteliers of the Year! During a big gala night in Berlin on Monday, 29th of January 2018, they were awarded with the most important prize in hotel industry. The jury chairman Rolf Westermann, editor-in-chief of the AHGZ -General Hotel and Gastronomy Newspaper, justifies the decision for the “Hoteliers of the Year 2018” as follows:

“Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu have finally established themselves with their visionary hotels, bar and food concepts after 17 years of cooperation. In Frankfurt, the design hotel Roomers, the Gerbermühle, the restaurant moriki and other concepts have been running successfully for years. In 2016 and 2017, the Gekko Group achieved further milestones with the opening of two Roomers in Baden-Baden and in Munich as well as the Provocateur in Berlin. Rosen and Urseanu show how luxury can be interpreted in a modern way, without losing the lightness of being, combining hotel business with impressive bar concepts and innovative gastronomy, creating inspirational meeting spots as you can find them in the larger cities of the world.”

Since 1990, personalities who have made outstanding contributions to the hotel industry have been honored by the AHGZ and the dfv media group. Alex and Micky about their recipe for success: “We have it in our heads and put it into practice The joy of making people happy has led us to move on and to go to other cities. At the end, it’s all about life, love and passion — and the pleasure of sharing these together.” We are incredibly proud of this award and thank all Gekko Group teams, our families, friends and partners – they are all part of the story!


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20 Nov German Design Awards 2018

Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, Berlin, 20th November 2017. Gekko Group has been awarded twice! Roomers in Baden-Baden and Provocateur in Berlin are proud winners of the German Design Award 2018 in the category Interior Architecture. The German Design Award, initiated in 2012, is one of the most recognized design competitions in the world and enjoys a high reputation far beyond the specialist circles. Its aim: to discover, present and excel in unique design trends. The German Design Award is awarded by the German Design and Design Authority. Its primarly mission: to represent German design. Founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag as a foundation, the company supports the economy by consistently achieving brand value through design. This makes the Design Council one of the world’s leading competence centers for communication and brand management in the field of design. Apart from business associations and institutions, the exclusive network of the members of the foundation also includes the owners and brand managers of many well-known companies. There were over 5,000 submissions including 758 from abroad who applied for the German Design Awards 2018.



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24 Oct Rolling Pin Awards 2018

Frankfurt am Main, 24th October 2017. Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu were awarded as the “Gastronomes of the Year” by the renowned magazine Rolling Pin. In total there were 14 different categories. With more than 9800 votings, they are not only one of the most sought-after awards, but also the most recognized awards for the German gastronomy and hotel industry. The two Gekko visionaries are extremely proud of this recognition, which they also dedicate to their employees of the Gekko family.


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25 Sep Servus Munich!

Frankfurt am Main, Munich, 25th September 2017. Unique. Unlimited opportunities. A Member of Autograph Collection Hotels – exactly like nothing else. As the third hotel of its brand, Roomers in Munich takes the distinctive Gekko spirit into the Bavarian capital. Atmospheric interior combining design and warmth, a Roomers Spa by Shan Rahimkhan with infinity Jacuzzi and cinema screen, and Roomers Bar with the exclusive Red Room, a hideaway with daily changing beats. We are happy to introduce the restaurant IZAKAYA, a modern inspiration of a small traditional Japanese restaurant. The cuisine: Japanese influenced by South America.


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27 Apr A lot of Schweinerei.

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, 27th April 2017. An interview with our friend and partner The Duc Ngo …

“The only thing left was Chinese,” Duc explains over small plates at Kuchi, the first restaurant he ever opened in 1999. Kuchi, which serves modern Japanese Izakaya, came onto the scene when there were no cool Asian restaurants in Berlin. Since Kuchi, he has gone on to lead Cantina, the ultra-hidden eatery inside Bar Tausend, as well as Moriki, a highly-acclaimed restaurant in Frankfurt. More recently, he opened a cozy and beautiful Vietnamese Brasserie called Madame Ngo, as an homage to his mother. Not long after came 893, a swanky, gangster-style Japanese restaurant off of Kantstrasse. So for Duc, the only thing left to explore at his new endeavor inside the Golden Phoenix was Chinese—the father, so-to-speak, of all East Asian cuisine. He smiles, “Chinese food is like French food. Very specific. Very complicated. A very long tradition. And it’s a challenge for me. But Chinese food is in my blood.”

Duc was born in Hanoi. His mother is Vietnamese and his father was Chinese. “I started my career early, in my mother’s kitchen. I watched my aunts and uncles cook and was always interested in food.” Early in his childhood, his family was forced to leave Hanoi and ended up in Hong Kong. There, they were then given two options for emigration—West Berlin or Chile. In the winter of 1979, Duc’s family arrived in West Berlin as part of a group of 200 refugees. He was just six years old.

For his restaurant at the Golden Phoenix, he tells us, “I will have some dishes from my childhood. I will take these feast dishes. That my aunts and uncles did. And do it better.” Duc explains that these feasts are celebrations for the ancestors. The whole family comes together on the day their relative died and everyone cooks, eats, and drinks. But before the family sits down, a portion of each dish, as well as tea and alcohol, are set out as offerings. Then one is allowed to ask their ancestor for luck in life. “And you burn some paper money,” he explains, “Things the ancestors can use in their other lives. There’s a whole street in Hanoi where you can buy stuff to burn—suits, hats, cars. Whole houses to burn!”

At the Golden Phoenix, Duc brings together traditional French techniques with the complex, ancient flavor combinations of Chinese cooking. “Always a balance, salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. This is very refined in Chinese cuisine. They have deep spices. Star Anise. Cinnamon. Dried mushrooms. Deep dark flavors. Black vinegars. Fermented vinegars. Soy sauce, of course. The Golden Phoenix looks very French. Paris meets Shanghai. So we have created some very sexy things to serve here.” What might that be? He jokes, “A lot of Schweinerei.”


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27 Mar Berlin here we are!

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, 27th March 2017. Hello Berlin! Here we are! Provocateur is the burlesque brother of Roomers and can be found at Berlin’s most beautiful west. A „Member of Design Hotels™“ with a playful sensuality, a tribute to Paris of the 1920s and bridges between Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. 58 rooms, a bar and a event location in the basement as well as the Golden Phoenix restaurant operated by our partner and friend The Duc Ngo (among others: 893, Madame Ngo, moriki) offers a perfect surrounding to explore the city and is a new favourite spot for locals.


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09 Oct Black Forest calling

Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, 9th October 2016. Finally: The new Roomers opens in Baden-Baden, close to the famous Festspielhaus and in the middle of the Black Forest. The first design hotel in town is also Germany’s first hotel designed by Piero Lissoni from Milano. 130 rooms and suites, a wellness area with spa and gym, a Roomers Bar and Rooftop Bar with infintiy pool, a pan-asian restaurant moriki and an event space for up to 200 guests. Roomers in Baden-Baden is a member of Autograph Collection Hotels.


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27 Jul Malin+Goetz

Frankfurt am Main, 27th July 2016. Freshly arrived at The Pure and Bristol Hotel: The madly great care products from Malin+Goetz! The two New Yorkers Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz have been creating high-quality and effective skincare products that are easy to apply with an equally simple and effective design. They develop all their recipes themselves and produce their products in the vicinity of New York. The locality of their production companies and their loyalty to them is not only important to them, but a corporate philosophy. This proximity to production enables them not only to control and secure their quality, but also to promote local businesses. The carefully selected ingredients of the Malin+Goetz products are fully committed to skin tolerance and bring a pleasant natural fragrance that quickly volatilizes and clears the way for a scent of your own choice.

In 2004, they opened their first shop in New York’s Chelsea district, which, while fully modern, still resembled the neighborhood’s traditional pharmacies. After 3 years, the demand for Malin+Goetz products overcame the opportunities of the small shop and they began to expand. Today, the two lead 8 stores in London, New York, Los Angeles and Santa Monica, serving consumers and businesses around the world with their skin-friendly care products.


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Frankfurt am Main, 6th October 2015. Great news from the Mixology Awards: Legendary Roomers Bar in Frankfurt is “HOTELBAR OF THE YEAR 2017”!

The best of the best of german-speaking bar’s scene gathered for the grand gala of Mixology Bar Awards in Berlin last night. Among the top 5 nominees for the “Bar of the year” the Roomers Bar competed against Monkey Bar 25hours Berlin, Curtain Club at the Ritz Carlton Berlin, Bar am Steinplatz Berlin and Widder Bar Zurich. For the first time Roomers Bar brought the award to Frankfurt! After the team was awarded to the “Bar team of the year” in 2010, we are now very proud again and want to thank all colleagues, guests and supporters!

Keep on rockin’ and spread the Roomers …


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