Banksy in Baden-Baden

Roomers Baden-Baden Banksy

16 Jan Banksy in Baden-Baden

After having repeatedly been the location of renowned exhibitions in the past, Baden-Baden is once again proving itself to be a location for international art. The Museum Frieder Burda presents the world’s most prominent work of 2018 between the 5th of February and the 3rd of March 2019 “Love is in the Bin” by street art artist Banksy.

In autumn 2018, the framed picture “Girl with Balloon” of the British artist from 2006 was auctioned at Sotheby’s London for 1.2 million euros. After the contract was signed, an automatism in the framed work started, shredding the picture halfway and putting the auction on the international stage. Although the motive of this action of Banksy is not completely cleared up, the interest increased. We are very pleased that this absolute rarity is now being shown to the public in Baden-Baden for the first time. Embedded in a comprehensive symposium, the Museum Frieder Burda plans to bring the exhibition into an overall context with the artist.

For those who do not come from Baden-Baden, the Roomers offers the special package “Shred Love”.