Dr. Barbara Sturm

25 Jul Dr. Barbara Sturm

Frankfurt am Main, Baden -Baden, 25th July 2018. We are so so happy to announce our new Spa partner in Roomers Baden-Baden: Dr. Barbara Sturm.The Düsseldorf native, Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of the most successful derma care physicians worldwide. Her success comes from her treatment methods and the own-body remedies. Her expertise in numerous aesthetic but non-operative treatments, has led her to become the leading expert and to create a skin care line called The Molecular Cosmetics. The extract from the purslane plant is unique in the cosmetic field: The enzyme telomerase, known as the fountain-of-youth enzyme, is activated in the cells by the plant substance and thus contributes to the fact that key cells increase their viability. This, combined with other highly innovative natural and research ingredients, make Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skin care products internationally unique.