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10 Jan Open now: Burbank – the new restaurant at Roomers in Frankfurt

With the new restaurant, Roomers in Frankfurt is becoming another hot spot of friend and partner The Duc Ngo. Burbank is a city on the west coast of the USA and that is what the culinary concept is all about – pan-Asian cuisine meets California.

Immediately after the turn of the year, the restaurant was renovated and adapted to the new kitchen style of Burbank: desert orange, dove blue and green granite reflect the landscape of the US state, light wooden tables the lightness of the Asian cuisine. The open seafood and salad bar is also a new element.

“I’m a big fan of the multicultural food culture in the USA. It is simply spectacular how you can bring American and Asian cuisine together to create real taste explosions”

The typical fusion cuisine of The Duc Ngo is full of flavors and colors, the dishes are all inspired by what the Berliner takes with him on his travels. With Burbank he creates again a new constellation.



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