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15 Dec Out now: roomers paper #1

In the beginning it was just a thought, then a real idea. And this quickly became an intensive project, on which many minds worked with the utmost dedication: in keeping with the 10th anniversary of the brand, the first roomers paper will be available for reading and take-out at all Gekko locations in December 2019. Layout and editing were taken over by Gekko Management in collaboration with external editors.


On 46 pages, background stories and outlooks are told and partners are introduced. To get started, the founders Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu reveal in a big interview what moved them when they opened the first Roomers in Frankfurt in 2009. In another article, the Milan-based architect and designer Piero Lissoni explains his visions for Roomers ParkView, which is expected to open at Grüneburgpark in Frankfurt at the end of 2021. And of course, there are also friends in the magazine who know how to impress with their words. For example, the Frankfurt legend Ardi Goldmann.



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Gekkogroup Porsche Mobility Partner

01 Oct Porsche X Roomers

We are very happy about our latest cooperation: since October 2019, we are the new mobility partner of Porsche Deutschland GmbH with all Roomers properties. The Panamera and Cayenne Coupé models will be available at Roomers in Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Munich. And with these we now offer a VIP shuttle service that our guests can look forward to. In addition, guests can book thrilling drive outs or test drives in cooperation with the Porsche Centers on site. By the way: with the new cooperation, Porsche drivers enjoy attractive booking conditions and can use the electric fuel dispensers during their stay at every Roomers.

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Roomers X Alpha Industries

14 Nov Alpha Industries X Roomers

An individually designed edition of the Harley-Davidson XG750A Street Rod is the new milestone of Micky Rosen, Alex Urseanu and the owners of Alpha Industries Europe Rainer Knapp and Norbert Schneider. Only 20 of the bikes are produced – the edition is as limited as a few before. The cooperation is another highlight for the four entrepreneurs, who are driven by the same spirit: the lightness of being, the constant pursuit of the extraordinary, and in doing so, overcoming new boundaries. Fittingly, the four won artist and model Toni Mahfud over, who will present the jewel to the outside. Among others, Toni already modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Moncler, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and G-Star. He embodies the same spirit that unites Alpha Industries and Roomers, making him the perfect “Friend of the Brand” for the limited edition Harley-Davidson. He was photographed by the well-known, internationally working fashion and beauty photographer Lina Tesch.

In addition to the bike, there is a limited edition of 20 “Injector Roomers” leather biker jackets, which are only available in conjunction with the purchase of the Street Rod. Roomers x Alpha Industries patches on the arms and chest, a gray lining, the well-known “Remove Before Flight Tags” for Alpha Industries from both brands and a numbering including the logos on the wind flap determine the design of the jacket. In addition, a small edition of matching hoodies and T-shirts are produced, which are free to purchase.




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27 Jul Comfort Zone

At Roomers Spa in Baden-Baden as well as in Roomers Spa by Shan Rahimkhan in Munich we’re proud to be partners of Comfort Zone. Here you can find a line of the most modern skin care products, which all are produced sustainably in Italy. The development of this professional skincare focuses on research, but also on quality. All of its ingredients are of natural source and are combined with high-tech molecules in such a way that every use is not only effective, but also extremely pleasant. That’s why Comfort Zone products are very popular in the spa area and had even won an award.


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27 May Roomers Spa by Shan Rahimkhan

Germany’s first spa by Shan Rahimkhan! Roomers in Munich is enriched by one more attraction: The Roomers Spa by Shan Rahimkhan is opened with more than 600 sqm, a large Jacuzzi with cinema screen, intimate seating niches, sauna, hammam, a bar and five treatment rooms. In addition to the “True Beauty Lounge” by Shan, hotel and day spa guests can look forward to beauty treatments with products from Shan’s product series. Another highlight on offer: Hydrafacial treatments.

Shan Rahimkhan opened in 2005 at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt on 800 sqm his eponymous concept store with Casa, Coiffeur and Café, today’s Shan’s Bistro. In 2010, the own haircare line “Shan Rahimkhan True” was added. Only two years later Shan opened the second location on Kurfürstendamm. “Shan’s True Beauty” with fast hair, make-up and nail service “to go”. Since May 2018, the first spa by Shan Rahimkhan is now in Roomers Munich.


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27 Sep Behind the lenses

His photographic art can be found on all walls of the Roomers houses and at Provocateur he immediately staged a whole scene from the lascivious Paris of the 20s …

Kai Stuht’s philosophical ideas are reflected in his campaigns and artistic works. He started as a sports photographer, set new standards and thus changed the approaches of large fashion campaigns. He was always on the look-out, did not want to adapt, only in the development of his artistic work he found his fulfillment. He was not satisfied until he found his own very individual and artistic style.

He is something like the David Lynch of the European photographer scene. His dramatically staged picture worlds appeal to the subconscious, it is impossible to escape this magical pull. His light guide is unmatched; with the precision of a Hannibal Lecter, he is dissecting his motifs and reassembling them in new meanings. With great sensibility, the electorate unmasked the icons of the entertainment industry, layered by layer from their tank, and as a result, received this rare look at the man behind the public figure. That’s what makes it unique.

Stuht is completely unimpressed by the elitist codes of the feuilleton, he avoids the red carpets like the devil the holy water. In almost autistic retreat, the philosopher is among the German star photographers on the tapestry of his life.


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25 Sep Servus Munich!

Unique. Unlimited opportunities. A Member of Autograph Collection Hotels – exactly like nothing else. As the third hotel of its brand, Roomers in Munich takes the distinctive Gekko spirit into the Bavarian capital. Atmospheric interior combining design and warmth, a Roomers Spa by Shan Rahimkhan with infinity Jacuzzi and cinema screen, and Roomers Bar with the exclusive Red Room, a hideaway with daily changing beats. We are happy to introduce the restaurant IZAKAYA, a modern inspiration of a small traditional Japanese restaurant. The cuisine: Japanese influenced by South America.


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27 Dec Saskia Diez

We are proud of having Saskia Diez for our exclusive jewelry collection for Roomers. Saskia Diez is a jewelry designer based in Munich and shapes unique materials in refreshingly modern ways. By confronting everyday materials with traditional fine jewelry, she connects her pieces from today with ideas from tomorrow. Thanks for that lovely new collection, Saskia!


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