Gekko Group X Aqua Monaco

08 Oct Gekko Group X Aqua Monaco

Frankfurt am Main, 8th October 2018. A meeting of true connoisseurs and style poets.  We both share the same passion for the culinary art and philosophy, for perfect drinks in special places and for living in the moment. The result is an exceptional tonic water – Gekko Monaco – created together with the bar managers of Gekko Group.

All ingredients are 100 % natural, vegan and certified organic. The only exception is the cinchona bark that is typical for tonic water and which is gathered wild from Bolivian forests. Innovative recipes are the specialty of both enterprises. No surprise then that after lengthy testing, ingredients such as turmeric, mint, orange and pepper have emerged as features that make Gekko Monaco tonic water something special.  No place here for artificial aromas and preservatives. Aqua Monaco describes the tonic water “super balanced” and “smooth oriental”.

And there’s another untypically tonic water feature: Gekko Monaco can be used as a stand-alone product, it can be enjoyed without gin or any other spirit. Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen are already looking ahead: the drink is the first step we‘ve taken and even now we can feel the energy that will lead to a lot more ideas becoming reality. It’s a really big deal”.