Life is crazy – the Gekko House in Frankfurt has opened

Gekko House Frankfurt

04 Feb Life is crazy – the Gekko House in Frankfurt has opened

In January 2020, the first hotel of the new brand Gekko House was opened in Frankfurt. The hotel with 128 rooms and suites is centrally located between the trade fair and the main train station. The urban design radiates cosmopolitan vibes and attracts both business travelers and artists who like to follow the claim “Life is crazy”.

The house is reminiscent of a time when the lightness of life was fully enjoyed, unconventional, courageous and laughing. And this is how Gekko House is: a place where you can enjoy a carefree time, regardless of whether you are an international guest or a local in Frankfurt.

As soon as you enter the house, you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle – the Chicago Williams BBQ fills almost the entire ground floor with dining space. The concept of the Berlin partner Nawid Samawat is “serious grilling” and “maximum meat performance”. The Chicago Williams was designed as individually as Gekko House, with stickers, graffiti and a game table.

The design of the hotel was taken over by the Frankfurt design studio Morgen Interiors, a mixture of rough elements such as concrete walls and warm elements as well as light sources. As a special feature, there is the Späti opposite the reception: two kiosk machines filled with snacks, drinks and unusual gimmicks, many in collaboration with local stores.

Gekko House is part of the Tribute Portfolio by Marriott.