Provocateur Bar Team

07 Oct Double Awards for Provocateur Bar

At the Mixology Bar Awards gala ceremony held in Berlin on Sunday 7th of October the coveted black glass trophies were awarded in 16 categories. The Provocateur scored a double hit as Hotel Bar of the Year and Bar Team of the Year awarded to its team. This puts the Provocateur Bar up with the best from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our entire team is incredibly proud!

The Provocateur Bar follows the concept of the award-winning Roomers Bar in Frankfurt. It’s the hotel’s heart and soul and symbolises a unique bar culture. The burlesque atmosphere of the interior is reflected in the bar menu, which was also shortlisted. The 12 signature cocktails were created by bar manager Tarek Nix and his team and take their inspiration from celebrities from the 1920’s and from the history of the hotel. An individually matched food pairing gives drink a finishing touch.


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20 Nov German Design Awards 2018

Gekko Group has been awarded twice! Roomers in Baden-Baden and Provocateur in Berlin are proud winners of the German Design Award 2018 in the category Interior Architecture. The German Design Award, initiated in 2012, is one of the most recognized design competitions in the world and enjoys a high reputation far beyond the specialist circles. Its aim: to discover, present and excel in unique design trends. The German Design Award is awarded by the German Design and Design Authority. Its primarly mission: to represent German design. Founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag as a foundation, the company supports the economy by consistently achieving brand value through design. This makes the Design Council one of the world’s leading competence centers for communication and brand management in the field of design. Apart from business associations and institutions, the exclusive network of the members of the foundation also includes the owners and brand managers of many well-known companies. There were over 5,000 submissions including 758 from abroad who applied for the German Design Awards 2018.



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27 Sep Behind the lenses

His photographic art can be found on all walls of the Roomers houses and at Provocateur he immediately staged a whole scene from the lascivious Paris of the 20s …

Kai Stuht’s philosophical ideas are reflected in his campaigns and artistic works. He started as a sports photographer, set new standards and thus changed the approaches of large fashion campaigns. He was always on the look-out, did not want to adapt, only in the development of his artistic work he found his fulfillment. He was not satisfied until he found his own very individual and artistic style.

He is something like the David Lynch of the European photographer scene. His dramatically staged picture worlds appeal to the subconscious, it is impossible to escape this magical pull. His light guide is unmatched; with the precision of a Hannibal Lecter, he is dissecting his motifs and reassembling them in new meanings. With great sensibility, the electorate unmasked the icons of the entertainment industry, layered by layer from their tank, and as a result, received this rare look at the man behind the public figure. That’s what makes it unique.

Stuht is completely unimpressed by the elitist codes of the feuilleton, he avoids the red carpets like the devil the holy water. In almost autistic retreat, the philosopher is among the German star photographers on the tapestry of his life.


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27 Mar Berlin here we are!

Hello Berlin! Here we are! Provocateur is the burlesque brother of Roomers and can be found at Berlin’s most beautiful west. A „Member of Design Hotels™“ with a playful sensuality, a tribute to Paris of the 1920s and bridges between Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. 58 rooms, a bar and a event location in the basement as well as the Golden Phoenix restaurant operated by our partner and friend The Duc Ngo (among others: 893, Madame Ngo, moriki) offers a perfect surrounding to explore the city and is a new favourite spot for locals.


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