Chicago Williams

Chicago Williams Frankfurt

04 Feb Maximum meat performance at Chicago Williams BBQ

Frankfurt am Main, 4. Februar 2020. With the opening of Gekko House, Frankfurt has been enriched by an extraordinary gastronomy: Chicago Williams has moved to the ground floor of the hotel and has been a new spot for everyone who wants to come for a casual drink and juicy delicacies.

Typical dishes such as ribs, pulled pork sandwich, Mac & Cheese and a crumble at the end are on the menu, which makes the hearts of BBQ fans beat faster. The crafted beer is served in the bottle, drinks in the stone mug. Who wants to have even more fun, takes a seat at the game table and risk a game “Ludo” with his counterpart. Or more, the tables at Chicago Williams are shared in family style. The centerpiece is the bright red smoker, which can be admired in the open kitchen.

The partner of Chicago Williams is Nawid Samawat, friend of the Gekko Group. In 2012 he opened the first Chicago Williams in Berlin and has been dedicated to “serious grilling” ever since.



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