Gekko X Lola James Harper

Gekko X Lola James Harper

17 May Gekko X Lola James Harper

„Keep room for love“ – with this shoutout, Rami Mekdachi, founder of the brand Lola James Harper, expresses his interpretation of the Roomers brand. About himself and his work Rami states:

“Lola James Harper is a unique lifestyle brand and concept that translates the most cherished moments, places and friendships into pictures, fragrance, design, music and film. It’s a way of life, capturing and sharing life’s greatest memories from around the world, inspiring togetherness, slow life, playfulness, and trust in the present.”

His creation of the Roomers scented candle combines mellow nuances of Opoponax, the resin of the sweet myrrh tree, as well as vanilla and amber. Warmth, coziness and comfort are the points of all Roomer houses that Rami associates with these essences in the scented candle. The # 22 not only represents the collaboration of cooperation, but rather the being together, the experience of creating something creative together. At this level, the candle was developed as an amenity that could not better represent Roomers.


About the cooperation, the founders of both brands say:

“It was a sunny September morning in Paris.  We met in our Lola James Harper living room + art gallery at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.   It was the first time we had to share and we began to talk about how we created our worlds with our friends.  An appointment that should have been one hour lasted much longer and we started to dream up ideas at our friends Da Rosa’s terrase in Saint Germain.  What touches me when Micky talks about his hotels is his love for gathering people in a place that is well designed and for people who enjoy being in a cozy and energetic place. Because he is versatile he creates different homes and places for different people.  I didn’t have the chance to meet his lifetime friend Alex but he spoke of him so warmly that I could believe what a great guy he is. “ 

– Rami Mekdachi, Founder Lola James Harper

‘’We are happy that we found the right partner in Rami for our collaborative scent since it’s very important for us to create emotions and a full brand experience for our guests. A fragrance which perfectly describes our personality and values.  Inspired by our ambiance and design at Roomers, Rami has created his interpretation of it and been spot on – we were impressed by his working process on the scent.  Lola James Harper shares the same spirit and mind that we live by – a love for life and the passion to share it’’

– Micky Rosen & Alex Urseanu, Founder Gekko Group