We are ready to level up – An outlook on new projects and properties

Gekko Group Micky Rosen und Alex Urseanu

05 Okt We are ready to level up – An outlook on new projects and properties

Frankfurt am Main, 20th September 2022. In the course of the Expo Real in Munich in a few weeks‘ time the topic of development will once again be in the spotlight. The entrepreneurial duo and their Gekko Group continue to look forward and are focused on new opportunities in business development. The search for suitable properties to buy or lease has already begun.

The portfolio, currently consisting of various hotel brands, boarding house concepts and five restaurants (e.g. Roomers, moriki, Gekko House, Chicago Williams, etc.) in four cities, is expected to continue to grow. In doing so, the experienced focus falls on old and new target groups and markets that go beyond the hotel’s own national borders and also include luxury destinations.

The next milestone, just in time for the group’s 20th anniversary, will be the opening of the second Roomers in Frankfurt. The Roomers ParkView will set new standards in all areas of the hotel, and will for example feature the bar on the 17th floor and the spa on the 18th floor. The ParkView will be another design highlight by the renowned architect and good friend Piero Lissoni.

„We are always ready for new projects. But we don’t want to expand by hook or by crook, the property has to fit the concept.“ The entrepreneurial duo Rosen and Urseanu are open and excited about new real estate offers. The next chapters can begin.