“Rosen and Urseanu show how luxury can be interpreted in a modern way, without losing the lightness of being, combining hotel business with impressive bar concepts and innovative gastronomy, creating inspirational meeting spots as you can find them in the larger cities of the world.”


Rolf Westermann,
Jury chairman “Hoteliers of the Year” and editor-in-chief of AHGZ

Micky Rosen

Micky Rosen is a true Frankfurter. He was born in the city and raised by two parents who both worked in gastronomy in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel. Thus, it is no wonder he maintains such a close relationship to the city today. After completing his Baccalaureate, he began studying to become a hotelier at the Intercontentinal Hotel, which is located just minutes away the Roomers today. He was always multitalented — having a gift for organizing events, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. He even sang in a band. “It was always clear to me that I would stay in this industry, but I wanted to branch out on my own,” he recalls.

Over the next six years, Micky managed five hotels in Frankfurt. Then, he got the chance to go out on his own with two hotels. True to his skills as an event planner, he bought and furnished his first serviced apartments, calling it Room Organization Service. He took over the facility management for the Dresdner Bank and not long after, came his first project with Alex Urseanu. That was the beginning of the Gekko Group. As a trained restauranteur, a passionate host, and businessman, Micky has made a unique and lasting impression on Frankfurt and the world around him.

Alex Urseanu

Alex Urseanu came into the world in the city of Bucharest. Just months later, his mother moved with him to Israel, then three years later they moved again to Berlin, and finally ended up in Frankfurt. Just like his business partner Micky, Alex has been in the hospitality industry since childhood. After completing his Baccalaureate, he began studying law. His studies didn’t last long though, as he had just opened his first restaurant. During this time working for himself, he also managed to complete his formal training at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel.

In the mid-90s, after selling his café, Alex left for Tel Aviv where he worked at the Sheraton Hotel. When he returned to Frankfurt, he was certain of his decision to become an independent hotelier. His next step was to open a chain of 13 shops selling fashion and gifts. And by 2001, he felt he was ready and together with Micky, they hatched their first plans. Everyone called them crazy because they decided on a building in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel district. But today, the well-known Bristol Hotel stands there. Alex is an absolute lover of life. He says, “At the end, it’s all about life, love and passion — and the pleasure of sharing these together.”